Friday, July 25, 2014

Crop Top & Florals

I love Fridays!!!
It puts a smile on my face. 

Sometimes, summer calls for some simple 1-2-3 and you’re out the door outfits. I wore this outfit for a little Sunday funday. If you haven't noticed by now, I reserve Sundays for fun. lol I did a little walking through the park and a few errands with my husband so I wanted something simple to wear.
I wore a pair of floral loose pants. It really doesn't get any more comfy than this. Florals have been the "it" print of the summer. I paired it with a black cut out crop top. I love this crop top because it has a built in bra; this little feature ladies is genius. I think I've lost count of the amount of times that I've worn this crop top this summer but it's definitely a cute one.
To accessorize, I wore a hat that added the chic factor to the entire look. I kept the jewlery to a minimum because it was just too hot of a day. Don't you guys feel like that sometimes? Lastly, I added nude flats and a nude clutch to finish my Sunday-funday look.

Pant's - Mandee (same here on sale!)
Crop top - Charlotte Russe (similar here)
Hat & Flats - Forever21
Clutch - DSW

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous weekend!


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Fashion Victim

Happy Humpday!

When I saw this "Fashion Victim" shirt, I fell in love with it. As you can see, that's my blog's URL so I knew I had to get it. I had it on my wish list to buy eventually and my lovely husband surprised me with it after I had shown it to him. 
At first I was thinking of pairing it with jeans but it went perfectly with this white skirt. I don't like to own too many white pieces because I always seem to dirty myself lol. Sure enough after this shoot I ended up smudging a little bit of my lipstick on the skirt. smh (monkey hand over eyes emoji)
I really love this skirt because it's very flowy and comfy. It's definitely a piece I can transition to the Fall and pair it with booties and a blazer. Trust me, this is not the last you'll see of this skirt. Let's just hope I can keep it clean! I wore these white ankle straps heels, which are seriously comfortable. Chic and comfy is a plus in my book. To add some color to this outfit, I wore a bold red purse that really brightened up the outfit. Of course a bold rep lip to go with it as well. Duh!

The reason why I chose thefashionvictim as my blog's URL is because I feel we are victims to fashion as we try to always keep up the latest trends, labels and having to spend costly to to so. I feel that it's not about the brand, it's about style and finding your own style. There's nothing wrong with looking and feeling good about yourself on budget friendly prices. It's all about finding what works for you. 

Shirt - Boohoo
Skirt - H&M - (also love)
Shoes - (similar here on sale)
Purse - Forever21
Lipstick - NYX - butter lipsticks #08 Mary Janes

Hopes you guys enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!


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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Field of Florals

Happy Monday beautiful people!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

(my little friend in the background)

Have you guys ever bought something and thought you had the perfect thing to pair it with and it just didn't work that way? Well... that happened to me with this skirt. I had another top and look envisioned for this beautiful flowy skirt and I just didn't like it. So, when I recently purchased this floral top, I was skeptical because it wasn't my initial thought for the outfit. However, when I put the outfit together? It was a perfect match for this skirt. It's very summery and gave my idea a fresh look. The colorful floral print looks really vibrant against the coral. I love the details of the skirt with the slits on each side. Together with the coral made this the perfect summer skirt for me. 
I lightly accessorized the look with a gold bangle set and a brown clutch. To finish the look, I wore nude ankle strap heels and a lively coral-colored lipstick. I'm definitely crushing on coral this summer!
I ventured off this weekend with my husband and found this beautiful park with a pretty pond. I was a little scared to take my pictures because there were a few geese there and I swear one of them was out to get me! lol He just kept getting closer and closer. Haha. Maybe he just wanted to make an appearance on my blog. 

Skirt - Forever21 (similar here)
Top - Mandee
Shoes - Rainbow Shops
Clutch - Galian Handbags (on sale!)
Accessories - Forever21 
Lipstick - Rimmel #12 Rossetto

Hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading today's post.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Give it a Statement

Hi guys!
Happy humpday! We made it halfway through this week.

Chic and simple looks are always great for the daytime weekend. I wore this outfit this past Sunday for a little Sunday-funday action. I went to the movies with my husband and I wanted to dress comfy. I paired this coral skater skirt with a plain white blouse. I always say these plain white blouses always come in handy for simple outfits. To spruce up the look and give it a little wow factor I wore this statement necklace from Armed&Readi. I was introduced to A&R during one of their events I attended a few months ago. They seriously have some pretty jewelry. That night I ended up getting this beauty. I love the little mix of coral it had and I felt it accentuated very well with the skirt. 
To finish the look I added a gold bangle, a few stackable rings and this camel clutch from Furormoda This clutch was $4 during their Fourth of July sale! It was an awesome steal. Lastly, I wore these nude flats to be comfy on my date to the movies. 

Skirt - Debshops
Necklace - Armed&Readi
Clutch - Furormoda (here)
Shoes - Forever21
Lipstick - Rimmel #12 Rossetto

Thanks for stopping by my Kloset!
Have a blessed day.


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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sherbet Anyone?

Happy Monday!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 

I love mixing bright colors in the summer. What do you get when you mix neon pink and yellow? A sherbet ice cream or an awesome summer outfit! Let's start off with these heels! I bought these online from Charlotte Russe towards the end of the Fall and the minute I saw them it was love at first sight lol. I know I’m not the only one that falls head over heels when I see a beautiful pair of heels. I knew they would work so well for the summer. I love the two color combo and the floral print.     

     I paired them with this mellow yellow top. It's a pretty simple top with a cute crochet design on the top. I wore white jeans ‘cause I felt they’d accentuate the colors on the heels and the top a bit more. It feels like forever that I haven't worn jeans on the blog! Remember my obsession with distressed jeans? lol To bring the sherbet look together, I finished the outfit with this hot pink clutch. I was in search for the perfect hot pink clutch and I'm so excited I finally got my hands on this baby. I can signal a plane with this bad boy! 

Fashion tip of the day: don’t be afraid to mix some fun colors this summer!

Top, bracelet & sunnies - Forever21
Jeans - H&M
Shoes & watch - Charlotte Russe
Clutch & rings - GoJane (here and here)

Hope you enjoyed this colorful post.
Have a great day!!


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shoe - Grams

Happy hump-day!!
It's been a while since I've delivered a shoe-gram to you guys!

(Top Left) - These green babies are from Charlotte Russe. They were a bridal shower gift from a couple of months ago. I need to wear them asap! It's the perfect color for the summer.

(Bottom Left) - I think I will have these pink pumps until death do us part. They are one of my favorite summer pumps that I've had for a while. I, also, love them because they were only $7! These are from Mandee

(Middle Top) - These are actually my mom's shoes that she bought at Forever21. Me and my mom have the same taste but unfortunately not the same size. lol I love the color and style of these beauties. 

(Middle Bottom) - These are one of my holy grails. I swear these were made with love by the Shoe Gods. I purchased these from Lolashoetique the minute I saw them. They make me feel tall and sexy. 

(Top Right) - It's all about glitz and glam with these. These were another bridal shower gift; they are Marc Fisher sling backs. I actually wore these for my bachelorette party. 

(Bottom Right) - Another beautiful bridal shower gift were these cute black wedges. They are from Charlotte Russe

(Top Left) - These sandals have been my go-to summer sandals. They are comfy and seem to match with everything. These are, also, from Charlotte Russe.

(Top Middle) - Why wouldn't I have a shoe wine holder?! This is the cutest thing ever.

(Top Right) - Cute sandals and sandy toes in Antigua! I'm currently obsessing over bows so when I saw these in pink, I had to get them and pack them with me on my honeymoon. They are from Mandee.

(Bottom Left) - I was in the process of cleaning my Kloset and I realized I have lots of bright colored pumps. 

(Bottom Right) - I had to regram these from MakeMeChic because they were just too hot not to. They are still on my shoes to buy list. 

Thanks for stopping by and remember that if the shoe fits buy it in every color!


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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Fringe Vest

 Hi everyone!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week. 

Accessories are always the key to give an outfit that extra umph. When I purchased this black maxi I thought of many different ways to bring it to life. I thought of dressing it up a bit with some wedges and maybe a body chain to accessorize. I, also, thought of wearing a belt to break up the waist line, but I decided to keep it comfy and add this summer vest to it. What drew my attention to this vest was the color and the fringes on the bottom. It's very summery and playful. My initial thought for this vest was to wear it with some shorts, so I will definitely be restyling it soon on the blog. 
I wore this outfit for some Sunday Funday shopping to the mall so I paired the maxi with some flats. I added a few gold accessories like this gold bracelet and a nude and gold clutch. I don't know about you guys but there are some days in the summer where I just want to throw on a comfy outfit and out the door I go.  

Maxi dress - Forever21 (here)
Fringe vest - Mandee (similar here)
Clutch - DSW
Bracelet - Forever21

Have a great day guys!


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